Saturday, January 2, 2021

Billy Spanked Strapped and Caned

Billy returns yet again for hard punishment. This punishment was filmed in February 2020 just before Covid19 began taking effect in the UK and national Lockdown was ordered in late March.

Billy, who already has a high pain threshold, asked for hard punishment with little warm up, as he is wanting to increase his pain limts even this was more of a 'training' session to build him up more.
Billy gets hard smacking on the seat of his grey, school uniform, short trousers, followed by rubber

paddle, razor strop. antique multi tailed tawse and finally
Lochgelly XH two tailed Senior Tawse...all of which are soon applied vigourously to his bare bottom.
Despite his high pain levels and good resilience to CP, Billy is soon gasping and yelping as Dr. Blake really lays on the punishment.  Billy is not shown any mercy and each implement used hard, is quickly followed by another.

His only respite is the doctor taking a little time to massage his stinging, red bottom with soothing lotions before laying on more punishments.  Even a 'toughie' like Billy ended with some wet tear marks on his face cheeks as well as the red marks on his bare bottom cheeks.

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