Friday, December 25, 2020

Str8 Divorced Jordan Gets His Second Hard Spanking

Jordan got his first ever spanking from Dr. Blake a few months ago and returned just after London lockdown was lifted for a few weeks before the second wave caused further Lockdown now.

Jordan's limits get stretched when in this, his second spanking session, he receives several  different paced smackings at different intensities during which we begin to clearly hear Jordan's gasps, moans and groans.
He also submits to some very intimate massage, not only of his genitals but also his anal cleft and tight virgin 'rosebud' itself. He can't help but open his legs in responsetothe Dr's sensual touching as whenever Jordan gets a brief respite from the painful smacks and relaxes his tensed muscles, Dr. Blake gently rubs and massages soothing organic emu oil into Jordan's sore red bottom cheeks and then all over his cock, balls, perineum and anal cleft.
The oil leaves nothing on the skin other than slight sheen due to it having tiny molecules. 
 It quickly soaks through the pores, down into the epidermis and even into the  deep tissues and joints where it has a benefical
moisturising and anti-inflamatory effect plus an ability to activate collagen producing cells helping the skin remain elastic.
Though Jordan said afterwards that this spanking really hurt, the pleasure that is incorporated will bring him back for more when it is possible.

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