Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Michael Spanked & Yelps Like a 'Sissy'

This was shot some 2 years ago when the video camera had broken and a phone camera had to be used.

 Michael hadn't been spanked as an adult until only a few months before this and had come to visit Dr. Blake to experience his first one.  
This meet was around the 3rd time he'd received a spanking and Dr. Blake knows only too well what a fuss 

he makes when he's getting smacked, yelping, squealing and wriggling around with almost every smack. 
Behaving like a 'sissy' instead of 'taking it like a man', a common and unjust comment oftern used, which takes no account of every individual's pain and resilience levels.
Dr. Blake, while taking such into account, doesn't respond to a spankee trying to make it seem that the spanking is worse than it is, other than by smacking more and harder, as Micheal still fails to learn, till now.
Enjoy Michael's yelping as the smacks get harder, turning his nicely shaped bare bottom both red and hot. 
Healso gets a taste of a 'junior' martinet nd leather straps and small tawse, making him squeal even more and cry a good few tears.

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