Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wrong Choice Tavvi

Looking very pleased with himself,
Taavi sits down in the kitchen.

 He looks pleased because he has on one of Teodor’s shirts and he thinks that it will go unnoticed.Big mistake, as he finds out when Teodor points it out and makes him kneel on the floor bending over a chair and produces the paddle. Great position to keep a lad in place for a spanking
and add that little extra zing of humiliation of being so low down,
easy to pin him down and keep him focused. 
The look on Taavis face as he takes the
paddling getting his actions very quickly.

Domestic DisciplineMickey Spanked

Mickey Su is spanked by boyfriend and BLS newcomer Allen Wei. 

No storylines or plots:

 just two young guys engaged in sensual and erotic spanking play.


Petr is called in for a paddling as a naughty lad, it is something that he needs regularly.
 A slim lad who looks good in black jeans OTK, a great little butt and a mischievous streak, where else would he be.
Jeans down and well fitting boxers takes him to the next set in the paddling.
Of course, a bare ass paddling 
was always where it was going to end and Petr has a super fuzzy little butt
for any spanking. 

Teodor has one last thing for the lad, which of course he refuses to do. A sharp pull of the ear and a smiling Petr finally

says Happy New Year to all our friends and clients.
Happy New Year!! From British Boys Fetish Club!! 

Bi Married Bubble Bum Billy Caned Spanked and Tawsed Hard

In Part 1 - Billy just can't get enough punishment these days and returns to be given a classic caning without any warm up 6 strokes on ...

Domestic Discipline