Monday, November 2, 2020

The Detectives

 Good morning viewers followers and readers. 

Last week sometime I had posted some material that I thought that was okay to post, but it turns out that it was not okay. 

I heard back from the artist and I took it down out of respect for his work. 

I actually felt very bad and convicted at the same time.

I reached out to my good friend Franco and was talking to him about the situation and in trying to make me feel better about the situation he told me that if it happens that I get spanked by the artist then he would love to have some pictures, lol, lol, lol. 

Just like Franco too come up with something so hilarious but yet I felt as if I really should have been disciplined for making a decision without speaking with the artist first.

After Franco and I had finished conversating about the situation I felt a lot better and less convicted but yet still felt bad about it so in the thought of that Franco had sent some images that would go right along with this situation.

The Detectives

These drawings fit the situation so well, just imagine if there was detectives

that was searching for bloggers that did not get permission from the artist production or studio and they were caught 

and the punishment for this crime would be corporal punishment. 


Thanks for the good talk, Franco! I needed it.. 


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