Thursday, November 12, 2020

Strict Step Daddy JB and the punishment regime

Annoyed with Stevens attitudes JB bring about a strict punishment regime where cheek, laziness and attitude is dealt with by means of being regressed, put in punishment pants and sent to bed in pjs.
Shamed and tamed with smacking and the bathbrush Stevens bottom is bared and lit leading to a lap dance and stinging cheeks and a further bedtime slippering to reinforce that misbehaviour will not be tolerated.
Made to be a little as a further punishment JBs punishment regime leaves Steven in no doubt of who is in charge.

Seems that Steven is up to his old tricks again. Pissing about and not doing the things that he is supposed to be doing seems that he have become laxed during the pandemic but obviously you see things did not go so well with him. 

You can find more of his fantastic films at the link provided below. 

With the wooden spoons, bathbrush and paddle all in use Steven faces a scorching he won’t forget in a hurry.  Otk and performing a lap dance in the process the naughty list is produced and for each and every offence punishment is administered and atonement made through his bottom.

Scolded and held accountable for his behaviour.  

True accountability with lessons taught through Stevens bare bottom.

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  1. I find it interesting the "process" that is used. Regression can be useful in so many ways. It can make a punishment stick as a way of humiliation. It can also bring the person being punished to a state of mind where they can reflect let go for possibly a little while and just think. Regression is amazing to me and it can increase guilt. Early bed after word is just topping the cake! I mean i love sleeping after a good release and thinking of how I will improve. I could go on and on but Ill stop here 😊


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