Monday, November 2, 2020

Steven Spanked.

 Young Steve, Bi and married, come for a quick spank and fuck. Dr. blake has dressed in regulation White Y-Fronts but underneath are Steve's favorite plain black lacey Stockings and Suspenders, which make him feel especially slutty and indeed is how he then behaves.

Steve has a particularly low pain level so that even light slaps have him flinching and gasping and as his soft, smooth, milky skinned bare bottom is easily marked and bruised it's as well so that Dr. Blake can enjoy the sound of his yelps and sight of his flinching and Steve can actually feel punished, with the reactions of hard smackings but without the danger of telltale markings when back home with his wife.

The extra pleasure of Steve's humiliation by being 'Sissied' which causes him to be even more aroused, subsequently causes further arousal for Dr. Blake, making him cum quickly when first fucking Steve's tight hole but then spurring him on to giving Steve another hard pounding.

Leaving his cock inside Steve as the 'Sissy-bitch' is jerking his own cock,

Dr. Blake rams his dick onto the boy's prostate as Steve is cumming, and helps pump out Steve's spunk and enhance his orgasm.

Dr. Blake has once again filled a highly recommended prescription to one of his well deserved and sissified patients. The "Doc" has the correct tools to discipline those who are in need of correction. 

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