Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sports Jock Bobby

Bobby returns for another hard spanking. 

He's bent over the arm of the sofa and Dr. blake begins on the seat of his short School uniform trousers. But he's ordered to stand again very soon and Dr. blake unfastens the trousers and pulls them down to his ankles befor he's bent again in his regulation, gleaming white, Y-Front underpants.

More smacking to warm his bum
before his undies are pulled down so Dr. Blake can smack his bare bottom hard.
Bobby is made to yelp and gasp each time Dr. Blake gives him an episode of spanking until he's made to scream and try to escape by the 5th smacking.
Bobby's limits are stretched and next time he come he knows he'll be stretched even further...

More of 'Bobby's Spanking Journey' to stretch and expand his limits as far as he can possibly go...  coming soon..!


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