Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Spankables in China

I would like to take a trip over the seas and across the oceans to the land we're good discipline is administered. The place that I am referring to is China. 

I have seen many in many of films and videos of spanking discipline caning paddling strapping all of the above. 

But there is something about men in China or Japan or Asia, I do not want to offend any one or miss anyone. They know how to receive and administer great discipline.
I have had many conversations with people that live over there and people that are into domestic discipline corporal punishment or judicial punishment and they tell me that that is the way of life. 

But just like many other countries around the world some people cannot be themselves and I think that is such a shame where they have to hide who they are because of some political propaganda. 

But if they're is any of you that are reading this article I want you to know that you are always welcome you are always welcome to be yourself here in in the master disciplinarians world.


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Domestic Discipline