Monday, November 9, 2020

Darius - Red and Wet

The 4th and final film from Darius's second 36 hour visit to Dr. Blake.

We first see Darius, with his smooth athletic body, bubble bum and nice big cock and balls getting teased and tormented by Dr. Blake using the prongs of a 'head massager' to lightly touch the boy's balls and cock, causing Darius to flinch and moan with pleasure and making his dick stand up even more.
Next Darius is  bending over the back of a chair and presenting his bare bottom for smacking and caning
before being ordered to go soak himself under the shower before Dr. Blake restraine his wrists and anklesbending over cushions on a bed covered by a waterproof sheet.
Darius is punished by spanking and hard fast caning on the wet speedos. Dr. blake keeps the qucick drying material wet, first by spraying fresh cold water from a 'housplant mister', then surprising Darius by pouring the whole jug of cold water down the back of his speedos making him yelp and gasp not so much with pleasure but with horror.
Darius's mortified reaction gives Dr. Blake a 'clue' which he immediately uses to prompt him to ask Darius... "Did that feel like when a boy accidentally wets his pants?... did that happen? ... Was it humiliating?" Darius never admits it but his moaning and groaning gives away some real humiliation, which the doctor 'logs away for future use'.

Eventually the red Speedos are peeled away revealing Darius's red, striped and sore bare bottom,which gets the wet spray treatment too and we can see water droplets running down his tenderised flesh

as he receives yet more punishment until the doctor can resist no longer and mounts Darius puching his cock into the boy's tight fuck-hole and gives him the pounding he's been longing for.

I must admit, The Doctor has given me a great chores on posting this content. Dr. Blake is moving upward with his projects as his penis is upwardly in his subs red and wet punished bottoms. Which I understand the method, for it is a technique that I used before and as you will see in his beautiful scenes.

Something about spanking a boy in wet speedos! It's a lovely exsperiance and a great site to see. 

If you have not logged on to his page on Clips4sale you are missing out on so many great spanking adventures. 

I must say that his page is more on the exotic punishment side believe me when I say you will not be disappointed. I'll make it easy for you to get there. HERE IS WHER YOU GO. 

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