Monday, November 2, 2020

Cop It!


Cop It! 

Another arrogant young chancer who works the drug trade alongside Chico is Eddie (Travis McKinnon) He’s been hauled in too and of course is brimming over with attitude towards authority, and clearly deserves his comeuppance.

He has the same choice, get it dealt with there and then or go to the court and on to Juvenile detention for several years. This time it’s Officer Eastwood (Marco) who’s going to lay on the discipline and he’s in no mood to compromise!

Eddie might think he’s a big man on the streets but he about to find out that he’s not so big!

Far from being a tough guy, he’s just a boy again when it comes to taking a spanking.

It’s too much like being over a knee again and Eastwood knows how to reach the spot!

Now nursing his spanked and burning bare bottom it’s time for young Eddie to face a taste of the riding crop.

Followed by the old wooden paddle carefully holed for maximum effect.

Life can be raw and so is his bare backside, red and stinging from the harsh spanking, he won’t be sitting down for a while. but at least he isn’t going to Juvenile Hall!

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