Saturday, November 21, 2020


 Just when you think a lad has learned to behave himself, they mess up, it’s in their nature.

So that’s how Bohdan finds himself over the counter getting a paddling.

Dimitri runs a tight ship and is form believer in discipline and rules in equal amounts. 

The counter is just the right height to keep Bohdans little butt in the right place for a paddling and once

he is warmed up and he drops his combats, his underwear is perfect as well,

just look at the shape of that butt, a lad made to be spanked. 

Of course, bare ass is always the way to spank a lad and this is no exception, 

Bohdan gets a good paddling as he deserves and Dimitri does not spare the lad. 

A great paddling clip.

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