Tuesday, October 6, 2020




Dimitri gives Sergio a call and the lad scampers in with a broad smile on his face. 

Totally unsuspecting that he is in trouble and about to get a spanking. Bending the lad over the table, Dimitri sets about doing just that. 
Looking as cute as usual, Sergio is wearing shorts and a Tshirt, well-fitting shorts I should add. 

No matter how he looks, the shorts go and he reveals some really tight black boxers, ideal for a pert little butt like his. 


Then the bare ass spanking by which time he is starting to moan and wail as he does. 
A super spanking for this wayward lad, and a wonderful dejected walk as he leaves the scene.

This video is a must-see. 

Dimitri is calm as ever as he pulls Sergio over to the table. Dimitri makes sure he takes that grin off of Sergio's cute face and applies a good spanking to his little boyish ass. By the end of this video Sergio's ass is a nice shade of red, not just on one area of his butt, but the entire butt. This is what I love, when the spanker covers the entire botty, not missing one inch! 

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