Saturday, October 17, 2020



Sergio finds himself bending over the counter and getting a spanking. 

He has been in one of those mischievous moods all day and it was always going to end this way. 

Starting on his tight black jeans, he gets a well deserved spanking,

a plucky little guy he really tries to see things through to the end regardless. 

His choice in underwear is a little bright

but the stripes add something to the delightful wobble of his small butt.

When the boxers are down,

that wobble takes on a new look, delightful to watch.

At the end of his spanking,

the cheeky lad still manages to have a grin as he scampers from the room. Incorrigible to the last.Incorrigible to the last.

Incorrigible to the last.Incorrigible to the last.

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