Saturday, October 3, 2020

Talking with Daddy J

 Daddy Jay

Good morning, Followers, Readers, and Viewers, Today we will be talking with Daddy Jay. Most of you may know him from Spanking Tube, where he displays his work and talent. Daddy Jay is a person of strict domination. I have been knowing Daddy Jay for some years and seen a great deal of his work. 

I can honestly say he is an authentic spanker, disciplinarian, master.  

Good morning, Daddy Jay! It has been a while since we touched basis, I am excited to have you here at the table. I have always wanted to get an exclusive with you, but I know how busy you are. 

So, tell us. How did you get into the spanking lifestyle? What turned on the paddle switch? 

Daddy Jay: Hey, glad to be here as well. Well, when I was online pledging my fraternity in college. The excitement of seeing asses being blistered by paddles turned me on. 
M.D: Yes, I can see and understand that fraternity hazing always did something for me as well. I actually liked the paddling that was given in wresting practice. Figure the tight singlets hugging them butts tight as the bend over and take what's coming to them!   Yeah, I understand. 
With the position that you hold as a disciplinarian is it more sexual than therapeutic for you and your subs? 

Daddy Jay; For me it isn’t much about discipline it is more about domination and control and taking control of the situation, It is more therapeutic and a stress relief. At times it has led to sex or the tension has allowed for the sex or release after.

M.D;  that is very interesting I have always heard that after a good spanking session some disciplinarians, spankers etc. Have sex with thier subs, But of course there is a complete understanding of that, before the session began. Your right, the tension must be relaxed.. With some of the people that I have had sessions with I would say 70% of them used it as a therapeutic tool. 

Where do you see the spanking industry going and what can the new productions and Studios learn from the older films that was made from other Studios?

Some may say that I'm a little crazy for asking you this question those who know you personally but, you know me, I'm just going to ask,  when it comes to the African Americans coming out more into the spanking world, why do you think it took so long? I mean we had other African Americans in the early days such as one of my favorite " Spanking for Stoney" and we had a lot of models but it seems that it had faded away a bit where do you see the industry going with black male spanking?

You are a superstar on Spanking tube, which you already know but where do you see this going? Do we see an upcoming studio from you coming?

Daddy Jay; I see it slightly growing but there needs to be more Black men and women into it. The same “twinks” that are in it is getting predictable and old.
Due to my more private life and personal engagements I cannot be but so public but I have entertained the thought of an onlyfans

It takes long because spanking is a trigger from slavery and a lot of us as kids being “beat” by our parents. It is also embarrassing at times to be open or even seen as a “White boy” fetish. Today in times of social media and black men having to look strong we have to put on a strong persona.

M.D;  I can understand that and I can agree with that. I have spoken with a lot of spankies that were African American and this is somewhat of what they were talking about.

but even though that they had this thought in their head they still wanted to go forth with it for different reasons. I guess it all goes back to the spankee being comfortable with the disciplinarian.
Finally, what advice would you give upcoming spankers and spankees, that is trying to make a hand print in this industry?

Daddy Jay; My advice is to find what you like and try it out on both ends to really test it out. It’s okay to take it slow but also push limits and explore. Use websites like recon, ST hookups, and other apps to tell your fetish. Many people have like minds.
M.D;  That is very good advice! Definitely this is something that you want to take your time with this is something that you don't want to rush into. But also it is a thing that you want to press and push past your limit, after a couple of sessions, but as I stated before, they have to be comfortable with thier spanker. 
Being on both sides, now that is something that I can definitely understand because as you know I am a domestic disciplinarian but as you stated a while ago ( I talked about this in my past post.) 

A good spanker, disciplinarian has too know the feel of being spanked, punished etc.. for numerous of reasons, but as you stated to know where your kink or place is.. 

Daddy Jay,  we want to thank you for coming to the table and giving us your thoughts on the spanking lifestyle and we want to congratulate you on all the endeavors that you have conquered as well as spanking those boys who really need and yearn for it.One thing that I do like is that none of it is role play it is actually real spanking it is authentic. Keep up the good work! 

if any of you would like to get in touch with him you can follow the link and or you can message me and I will get the message to Daddy Jay.. 

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