Tuesday, October 20, 2020


A very reluctant Matyas has to be dragged onto the couch
for his spanking, this reluctance rules out OTK as he will wriggle all the time, so Dimitri 
grabs the lad’s legs and lifts them up. The diaper position keeps the lad in place
well and gives some great shots
and angles in the clip as well a fast way to get the lad’s jeans off after his warm up. A good spanking on the underwear
and Dimitri decides after a minute or two, to sit down
 and tuck the lad’s legs under his arm, that really keeps him in place.
Perfectly positioned to whip down the boxers Matyas is wearing, the lad’s glowing butt is revealed.
It’s no wonder that as soon as he can, Matyas is up and off
, with a knowing look from Dimitri following him.

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