Saturday, October 31, 2020


'Dr.Blake's English Discipline' Studio 135747 

Str8 Married Alec Spanked Hard Fingered & Bathbrushed to Yelling.

Str8 Married Alec first came to get his first spanking 18 months ago and has visited 3 times with 6 months gap in between.

He first said "No sex" ... but got hard... and eventually on the second occasion allowed Dr. Blake to touch his dick ... and got jerked off..!

This time he asked to re-create a real spanking from his past when his Step-Dad put him across his knee straight from the bath and smacked his bare bottom while Alec was naked and wet.  He asked for no warm-up and a proper punishment smacking.

Dr. Blake queried this, explaining that this would cause immediate and considerable pain, recommending he gave Alec a warm-up and finished with the 'real punishment' once Alec's flesh was better prepared to take it... but Alec insisted.

So Dr. Blake begins smacking Alec's bare arse firmly but not as hard as he could, and as the Dr. thought it, wasn't long before Alec is flinching and yelping, eventually trying to cover his bum and escape from Dr. Blake's knee, leading Dr. Blake to say "Do I have to tie your wrists, boy?"

Dr. Blake puts leather cuffs on Alec's wrists and clips them together.. then gives Alec more punishment, causing him to yell and fight to get off Dr. Blake's knee.  Alec is close to tears and yelling when Dr. Blake gives him a final spanking with the Bath Brush.

Alec got what he asked for, despite advice from the doctor... but has asked that next time he gets a warm-up and finishes with 'the punishment'...! 

The doctor always knows best.. ! ;-)

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