Saturday, October 10, 2020

Max First Spanking


Max First Spanking

Max is an 18-year-old bi guy with a great body and round, firm butt. 

He decided to do an adult video to improve his finances and have some fun. 

     He manages the first, but not the second. 

This video begins with a brief interview in which Max discusses his history of physical discipline and his love..

I always liked the way that this production keeps you coming back for more. 

It is sort of like watching a soap opera once it gets to the good part, the part that you've just been waiting on it comes to an end. 

but all in all I must say that this production has been one of my favorite for a very long time. 

Even though I would love to see some of the old models come back and actually I have noticed that two or three has made an appearance here and there. 

I'm not going to give it away on which ones returned but if you log in and join by clicking here then you will see which ones that I'm referring to.

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