Thursday, October 8, 2020

John. B - Dr. Blake


John B is first tenderised by being beaten with stinging Nettles. His cock and balls are 'nettled' along with his ass hole

He gets spanked, strapped, tawsed and then caned hard with a selection of different canes, all with different characteristics of severity.

John has suggested a game using playing cards which when turned over give the number of strokes with each implement.... Interstingly it always results in him getting 10 with each implement.

Finally he gets Dr. Blake's cock and as he hasn't been penetrated for some years he's good 'n tight!

This guy has been seeing amateur and professional Doms and Dommes for years and is a highly experienced receiver.
  He first came to me some 12 months ago wanting a long hard caning and has been back 4 times so far. 

I asked if he wanted a warm up spanking... He  replied that he didn't think he'd feel any smacking by a palm. 

He didn't want to wear the school uniform which I always like to start someone in... so we compromised. 

I agreed to him beginning in only the white underpants and his tee shirt and he agreed that I'd do what I liked but it would include a lot of strokes from several different canes.  

The first time I smacked his bare arse good and hard with my palm and he got a sort of warm up, interestingly he was soon flinching when I slapped him hard. He gets all my most stingy, painful implements given hard and his bum hardly reddens and shows almost no marks no matter how hard he's beaten.  

this was the 3rd visit and he brought a big bunch of stinging nettles and protective gloves for me to use on him. 

 I used them on his bum from cold, tenderising all the flesh and right down into the cleft and on his hole. When his legs parted, he got them on his cock and balls too.  His pain threshold is very high.

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