Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Japanese slave boy

Japanese slaveboi, Yosi, 26, hasn't been to see Dr. Blake for over a year... but now returns to be Spanked, Strapped and Dominated once again.

Yosi is naturally submissive and has a good pain threshold. His Japanese Cultural honour means he tries not to react to any punishment and rarely makes any sound other than an occasional quiet gasp or moan 
.... but he can't stop himself from flinching and twisting away when the pain is really getting to him as you will see in this film.

As it is some time since he received CP his naturally smooth and soft skin is not used to punishment and although he doesn't mark easily his bottom soon begins to show a pink, and eventually red blush, where the punishment has had its effect.

He isn't 'smooth' around his balls and bottom cleft... so Dr. Blake removes some of the thick black hair growing there with clippers and electric razor to expose more of the sensitive flesh below
This session is to get his bottom well 'seasoned' so he can take more punishment when he returns again in a couple of weeks time to continue his training as a 'slaveboi', with a lot more spanking and Corporal Punishment scheduled to 'whip him back into shape'!

             Released Monday 5th October

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