Thursday, October 8, 2020

Darius- Dr. Blake

This was shot with two cameras, a main shot more from the front and a second more from the back, with the intention of intercutting some shots from the second camera into the main shot.

Much of the massaging and sensual contact, not being 'spanking action', would normally be edited out.  In this case I decided to keep it in as Darius is such a perfect example of physical sensitivity and I so enjoyed 'playing him like a musical instrument' as a dear friend described my methods, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.  Editing and intercutting would have taken many hours and instead I cut it into chunks and ran most of the second camera shot after the main shot which saved time but isn't what I'd normally do. So as compensation for such a long video, and as I'm curious as to the 'audience reaction' it's heavily discounted.

Darius is especially sensitive physically, the lighter, the more effective as you will hear from his constant little whimpers and moans of pleasure as Dr. Blake runs his fingers delicately across all of the boy's erogenous areas. 

        Then Darius gets his bottom smacked, again and again, constantly interspersed with sensual massage and touch, teasing and tormenting his tender flesh.

                       25 Long Slow Sensual Spanking

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