Friday, October 30, 2020

Greg's First Spanking



Sergio is in trouble as usual and he has to take a spanking OTK with the leather paddle. He is quite compliant for change and takes his paddling
while moaning without struggling so much.

 By the time his bare ass is spanked,
he needs a reminder to focus him and a pull on the ear does just that. It’s one of the many reasons brats have ears of course. A well spanked Sergio is situation normal, well normal for a brat like Sergio.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

BBFC: Teodor Deals with Viktor

It’s been a while since we saw Viktor but that does not mean he has been behaving himself, far from it. This time however, he has upset Teodor and this is not a man to get on the wrong side of. Taking the wayward lad by the ear, he gets him OTK and gives what all lads need, a good spanking.

Teodor has a heavy hand and that might help Viktor stay on the straight and narrow.
Jeanst, then down to the underwear and Viktor is looking far from happy, as he should of course.

His bare rear end gets the treatment and Teodor ends the session,
withullen looking Viktor leaving with his tail between his legs.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Paul 24- First Time Spanked

24yr old Paul is gay, sexually Top, in a long term relationship...but has been curious about spanking and sexual submissiveness for some time, especially to a senior 'Dad' figure.

He asked Dr. Blake if he could come to get his first ever spanking and would it be possible to lose his anal virginity. He was told that it should be possible but that everyone is different and it depends on how relaxed the sub can be kept.

Paul agreed to being spanked on film but didn't want to be filmed losing his cherry...though may in future be ok with it.

He reacts slightly from the very beginning and although he has a reasonable pain threshold, he continues to gently gasp or groan at every smack, which Dr. Blake finds most satisfying. 

Paul is erect from the beginning.

At the end of his spanking Paul quickly turns to sit on the Dr's lap and can't wait to open the doctor's trousers and get hold of Dr. Blake's cock, stopping as he looks at it in his hand.. an intake of breath and he exclaims quietly "Fuck Daddy.. that's a big cock..!"

Dr. Blake


Well more hoisted over the knee really, He has to go over Dimitris knee while Dimitri is sat on the table. 

This is a feat as Bohdan is a small lad and he has to stretch to get there. 

This of course means his butt is nicely hard and at an ideal height for the spanking he gets. 

He is wearing jeans at the start but they have to go, and he is wearing nice tight light blue boxers that give his butt a super look.

 But at the othe end he is not looking so happy and when he gets his bare as spanking he knows he has a sore butt. 

A change from the paddle for Bohdan and a change he has really noticed. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


A very reluctant Matyas has to be dragged onto the couch
for his spanking, this reluctance rules out OTK as he will wriggle all the time, so Dimitri 
grabs the lad’s legs and lifts them up. The diaper position keeps the lad in place
well and gives some great shots
and angles in the clip as well a fast way to get the lad’s jeans off after his warm up. A good spanking on the underwear
and Dimitri decides after a minute or two, to sit down
 and tuck the lad’s legs under his arm, that really keeps him in place.
Perfectly positioned to whip down the boxers Matyas is wearing, the lad’s glowing butt is revealed.
It’s no wonder that as soon as he can, Matyas is up and off
, with a knowing look from Dimitri following him.

Greg's First Spanking


Domestic Discipline