Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tuesday Saggers

ST8 Hood

Happy Tuesday! It's time to get the strap and paddle and we might as well grab the bathbrush as well. 
These Hood Boys are beginning to be disciplined. I have been following this page on tumblr for a moment now and there are some fantastic spankable butts all around this page. 
I seriously believe that's what they are asking for a good old fashioned spanking. Figure this is the best scenario. 

Figure this " Pants low, so no need to go through the procedure or process of daddy telling you to drop them

Easy access as I see it. Daddy's boys should learn this method. 
But here is the the thing, if your going to sagg your pants. Make sure you have on clean and attractive underwear. 

If your going to do this, do it right! or get that ass whooped. 

If your a sagger lover like myself click here and follow ST8 Hood Tumblr Page. 

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