Saturday, September 26, 2020

Thinking it over

It is your first year in college as a sophomore. You finally get into your dorm and get everything situated. It just so happens that you meet up with a couple of your high school classmates that just so happens to go to the same college and also shares the same hall. 

The first night that you're there at the college you get invited to a party but you also know that you have class early in the morning. Not thinking too much about it you go to the party and the party seems to go on all night. 

You come back to your dorm around 3:30am and class starts at 6:00am. 

You tried to set your alarm clock to get up on time but that doesn't work because when the alarm clock went off you stayed in the bed still high from the party. 

Figuring that the collage that you go to is only 200 miles away from your home where your strict father is, the school dean has a direct connection to him, but you never thought about that. 

later on that day after you have awaken and class has been over for 5 hours. You get a knock at the door. You hollar out Come in, that party last night was insane. Low and behold you see your father walk in. Your heart races and your stomach feels as if you have cramps. 

Your dad says  Boy! I did not send you here to party and act like a damn fool! Furthermore on your first night and also you missed an entire day? Yes, Dean Foster called me told me everything! Your Dad takes off his belt and folds it and says  take them clothes off boy and turn your ass over. Let me show you what bad decision making will cost you. 

You look at your Dad, with a look of fear on your face and comply with his demands. You look up at him as you lay across the bed, exposing your naked butt. 

You begin to try to plead your case to your dad as your mates walk in the room. Your face becomes red and embarrassinment shows all over your face. 

Your friends back out of the room and snickers and laughs. Your Dad shuts the door and locks it behind them. 

Dad! Please don't do this, not here, not now. I apologise for starting off wrong and this will never happen again! Please Dad, Please...

Your Dad is not trying to hear what you are trying to say. He just looks at you and says 

As your dad prepared himself to wip your nature black ass, you lay there and think, I could of,, I would of,, but I didn't... 

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