Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Keys to the Kingdom


Hear we are once again in the grips of our 

" Dream Of Spanking"

Seemingly, DOS has taken us to the castle where a young lady who is a proud woman who has no idea of the journey she is embarking upon. But yet she is sure about to find out. 

It's funny that this was a conversation  with one of my friends yesterday about people in general who need discipline in their lives and when they realize it they have no idea how to deal with it mentally ( I can't get spanked, I'm a very distinguished man/women) 

We love aural spanking stories. Let us take you to a faraway land: a place of rich castles and dark woodlands, where magic is real and disobedient servants get what’s coming to them.

Once upon a time, you see, there was a girl - haughty, noble and proud. As she prepares to take on the mantle that is her birthright, she goes on a long journey... and finds a lot more than she had bargained for!

The Keys to the Kingdom begins in a fairytale castle and ends in a humiliating bare bottom spanking. This is the tale of a young woman’s struggle to prove herself, whatever it takes. Put your headphones in, and let Pandora Blake read you a bedtime story that's worth staying awake for.

I know this has peeked your imagination, click here to hear this audio story as well as many new updates but don't forget about the classics..

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