Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Best Of David Compilation!

Okay, I know I'm like a week or so behind on this update but I'm sure you all can imagine spanking me for this mishap. 

I think we all remember David from his earlier films with Feel the Sting, Dad's Boys with the late great Eastbourne!, And GYTD. David has done some amazing work with John and his crew at CP4men. 
John has collaborated some of his films that he made with David and I must say they are all worth the watching. Myself, I think I have purchased all of the films that David has been in.

Cp4men has had an awesome working relationship with David and I am in hopes that David will continue to do great things with them. 

I must say that John and rest of his staff does a great job with disciplining bad boys, which I know that we all appreciate and I think there is a good bit of bad boys that we would love to send his way ( hint hint)
I think what attracted the world to David is that he made the film real no matter what disciplinarian that was working with him David always made the film seen as if it was happening in a real life situation. 
As well as the work that he did with Barry in a lot of the films with sting pictures and gytd the setting was right the situation was right the consequences was right and it was a no-hold bar on the discipline. 
and most of the films if not all of the films that John has done with David it was all the same what I mean by all the same is that he was or is a person who gives real domestic discipline spanking sessions and brings the story line into real life. Which is one reason why I connected with John. 
I would love to do an article with David about his experiences with the spanking industry and how he actually lives in the spanking world. It would be interesting to know the life of a spanking model after the film shoot is over. 

I would like to give Thanx to John and CP4men for the awsome work they did and is currently doing not just with David but with them all in a whole. This one Is for you Sir John.. keep the Spanking Going... 

The Best Of David Compilation! 
A fantastic collection of spanking clips featuring the legendary David who truly is a spanking icon! We’ve spanked David several times over the years and we hope you enjoy seeing him gets spanked time and time again!   The good news is that this compilation is only 19.99 for just under 90 minutes worth of spanking! 

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