Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Sports Report 18

Fighting on the college sport field is very much frowned upon. It suppose to be a place of gentlemanly sportsmanship. When Jackson (James Lewis) again started to throw his weight around he soon found himself answering to his housemaster, Mr Sharpe!

This time he'd gone too far and was immediately marched back to the changing rooms.

Now sent to get the cane he knew what was coming. That swishy rattan can make very sore impact on a badly behaved lads backslide,

particularly when its bare!As the lads Housemaster doesn't want a repeat of this behaviour he sees no reason not to follow up this senior boys caning and give him a good, over the knee, spanking as well! Now Jackson's bottom will be really scorched and this event will no doubt be remembered next time, before he throws a punch again.




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