Sunday, September 6, 2020

Oritse Williams


Seems that this Celeb is asking for a good, hard, and long-ass whopping! Ortise was caught with his pants down getting into a cab after an event. Knowing this happened some time ago, I just happen to run across it. 

Seems that this fade has come to the point of not having any pants on at all. Ortise shows off his big booty very well and just asking for a good spanking. 

It looks like it would be a pleasure to have him across my knee for along session, starting off with my hand over those big round cheeks.

That will definitely give him something to rap about. We can follow the beat I would make on that ass. 

Seems his friend has a lot more since and only sags his pants an inch or two from his waist.

 But never the less he would end up over my knee as well. " Yellow Boy Addiction" 

The duo does look like they would make a good spankee team. If they ever gave up the music industry, I know they could find a place in the spanking industry! 

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