Saturday, September 5, 2020

Black Spanking

Years ago the first that I have ever seen that contained black male Spanking. I am very sure that there are some that was around before this time. 

Seems back when, I heard it was hard to find black men that was into the Spanking lifestyle. 
I am happy to say that there are more black men that are into this lifestyle than one would think. 
B.M.B.W has opened the door for many men of color to kick in the door to the spanking/ discipline lifestyle.
Today I see alot of videos that contain, black male asses being spanked paddled and caned and I must say that I am proud to see that. 
During my years of spanking, you would be surprised of how many black men from all walks of life had contacted me for a long term session. 
It is not as Taboo as many would think.

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