Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Spanking Tube


Good morning, readers and followers! I was looking through some of the latest videos on spanking tube, which happens to be one of m favorite sites. 

Today I would like to display some of those videos with you for those who have no idea what the site is about. 

One thing I love about this site is the amateur videos. I love these videos because they are unscripted. 

 Some are roleplayed but it's more improved, which is always a good thing. 

Then you have those who are trying to get into the Spanking Industry and just like youtube, if you are passionate about your work, craft and upload religiously and do your best, your bound to get noticed.

I am happy and proud to say that I know a couple of these spankers,but there is one that I know better than the rest. I won't call no names until he says it's fine.

I really don't want to be on the receiving end, even though I was told by him that my day of Punishment is soon. No, to those who don't know me. I'm not a spankee/ sub by far, so this is something that I will NOT enjoy.

It was said by him and many others that a true disciplinarian must feel what he/she is dishing out. I guess it's about time for me to go over his knee soon. Well, that's another subject we can do an article on. 

As you will notice I went off subject of Male Spanking a bit and added a couple of Female Spanking. I did that just to show that they need discipline too😁

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

mitchmen - the blog

I was surfing the net looking for spanking art and came across this blog.  I must say I was very intrigued by the materialand commentary. 

Vintage Spankables

Just so happens I was going through Twitter this morning and low and behold
Sexy old school vintage booty boys. 
I have to do an article on vintage spanking videos. 

Spanked but never forgotten. 
There was sure Nuff alot of Spankable booty boys back then. I wonder what ever became of them. Does anyone know? 
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Sports Report 18

Fighting on the college sport field is very much frowned upon. It suppose to be a place of gentlemanly sportsmanship. When Jackson (James Lewis) again started to throw his weight around he soon found himself answering to his housemaster, Mr Sharpe!

This time he'd gone too far and was immediately marched back to the changing rooms.

Now sent to get the cane he knew what was coming. That swishy rattan can make very sore impact on a badly behaved lads backslide,

particularly when its bare!As the lads Housemaster doesn't want a repeat of this behaviour he sees no reason not to follow up this senior boys caning and give him a good, over the knee, spanking as well! Now Jackson's bottom will be really scorched and this event will no doubt be remembered next time, before he throws a punch again.




Sports Report 18 – in 1080p Extra High Definition

Sports Report 18 – in Standard Definition


A HD version of this video is also available through Sting Raw at Clips4Sale for customers who wish to use an alternative processor.

Sting Pictures


Sting Lads – Only Fans

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Monday, September 28, 2020

Talking With Steven

 Talking With Steven

Today we have a special treat. I am here talking with one of the icons of the spanking industry, Mr. Steven

Steven has traveled through the spanking industry and still remains one of the top spankees of his time and still remains today. 

 Good morning, Steven, I am glad to have you here at T.A.M.  I see you are masked up, which is a regulation of compliance there in the U.K. I know things have been tragic with the Corona Virus epidemic. 

How are things working out in the U.K? 

Steven:  They are working on a project that is quite topical about COVID and the track and trace app that has been launched. 

M.D:  What does all that mean? 

Steven: It is a part of the government's attempt to document and warn about COVID, though in my opinion, I don't think it is working. We have a 10pm curfew for bars and restaurants, I think we may be for a second lockdown.  

M.D: Wow, Steven, that is terrible! I really pray everything gets back to somewhat of normalcy. I know that this has affected a lot of people and businesses. So, I know that the pandemic is important but I and my readers wanted to talk to you today about you" The Icon" 

Steven, What had gotten you into the spanking industry? 

Steven: I got into spanking initially through the chatrooms on  and years ago. I was intrigued by the chats and also clips and scenes I have seen. I then meet a guy who liked to take pictures and it grew from there into traditional discipline films. 

 M.D: That is very interesting. I know most of our readers and followers have experienced that, including myself. What age were you when you first started out officially in the spanking world? 

Steven: I started around the age of eighteen and gradually got more into the scenes and discovered spanking websites and contact sites to meet other like-minded people. I have made some good friends and contacts over the years.   

M.D: What studios have you worked with? 

Steven: Apart from my own site, I have done work with Sting Pictures, Cp4Men, Ouch Productions, and John Amuture Spanking. All of these can be found on Clips4sale. 

M.D: Steven, you sure have been working your butt off! Talking about " Working your Butt Off" Do you enjoy spanking or is it a disciplinary thing or both?

Steven: Its a bit of both. I like the accountability element. Being disciplined for misbehavior to keep me in check. There is something about being held in place over the knee and made take a spanking, which is quite ingrained in me.  

M.D:  This is very interesting, Steven. You should know that there are thousands if not millions of people that feel this way. Many people feel the need to be held accountable for their actions, misdeeds, misbehavior, etc. I wrote earlier on T.A.M about other spanking models and their view on the upcoming models, If you could give them any advice what would it be? 

Steven:  I think to trust your instincts and make sure as much as possible that trust is there and to be treated with respect and dignity. 

M.D: I could not have put it any better, Steven. Many people come into this industry and end up being mentally and emotionally hurt, {besides a sore ass] because they did not research their chosen disciplinarian or/and did not understand the level they are asking for. Trust is very important. Whether it be man or woman.  You being a person who has seen more than many when it comes to this industry, It may seem that I am backtracking, but how long has it been for you, before you started your own site? 

Steven:  Feels like I have been in this scene forever! The spanking industry has grown a  great deal and I am proud to be a contributor to this industry. As well as receiving a strong hand across my bare ass for misbehavior or a regular check-up maintenance session on my site as well as my earlier work with the productions we talked about earlier. The spankers that I have had the pleasure of feeling their strong, manly hands disciplining me. 

 M.D: Well, I guess I don't have to say " Don't hold back" ...  But I respect your honesty and I would not have expected anything less. So, I am sure my readers would like to know who you all worked with. 

Steven: 7.  Have worked with Paul from sting and got the tawse off him in the Grey Shorts production also I have met Barry who has done a lot of the Dr Skelpz stuff.

M.D: and I must say that you have done magnificent work with the other models. Barry is sure Nuff an Icon as well. He seemed to have fallen back from the industry. I hope to one day have the opportunity to chat with him as well. Dr.Skelpz has great products as well. I am a current follower. Steven, we know you as a spanking icon but what is the day to day Steven? 
Steven:.In my “normal” life do a boring 9-5 admin job. Thankfully not recognized though there was an occasion where a manager was alluding to it and mentioning how their team was in for 6 of the best prior to a meeting with managers.  It got me a bit suspicious as to whether he had seen any of my pics and clips.  Was a bit embarrassed as his eye contact was in my direction through my colleagues seem oblivious?

M.D: Wow! That sounds exciting and embarrassing all at the same time. I always wondered if spanking models got the same attention from the paparazzi that other actors get. (Glad to say that all your films are not acting, it's definitely real ) but then again some people who are into the spanking lifestyle are kind of quiet about it. You and I have shared a relationship for many years

I admit the first time that you had logged on to my previous Google plus community 
 ( Daddy's playhouse) and commented on a picture and video of you that I posted I was quite leery if that was really you. 
After speaking with you and messaging you for a while I realize that you were the real Steven. Do you care to share your thoughts? 

Steven: Well have always admired and liked your profiles and ethos.  Hopefully, 2021 will be the year for us getting together and some discipline applied for some of my lockdown antics.  Always needing a firm hand for me to behave myself.  Love your pics and your site is great for discovering new stuff. 

M.D: Don't me blush, Steven. Thank you for that. Well, I guess you let the cat out the bag as far as us doing a couple of sets together this upcoming year. It will be an epic encounter I can assure you of that, plus we have a lot of catching up to do, dealing with your past antics, but no need to get into that, here. Steven, there has been a lot of upcoming African-American spankies that have surfaced which is a very good thing I did a post on T.A.M about this very thing. What are your thoughts about this? 

Steven:   I think there are some great models and studios showing some great assets from my African American bros.  Loving seeing the newer talent.  I think we are still a bit of a niche market.  Black discipline pics and clips are definitely welcome and the more the better.
M.D: I agree, I am exceptionally overjoyed to see more African Americans or should I say Black men and women coming into the domestic discipline lifestyle. But as you said, it's still a niche. Some productions and studios are hiring black models as well and let me clear this, I'm not saying that they never did or wanted to. It seems to me that our darker spankees are staying behind the closet door when it comes to this industry. 

But as I stated before, they are coming to the strap even more nowadays. 
Steven, it has been a pleasure talking with you and I hope to see and hear a lot more from you. Should we be on the lookout for anything new from you? 

Steven: I think what you can expect from my stuff is real discipline bare-bottomed hard spankings.  All real, reactions not faked, and all in one take.  No acting and regular updates.  Authentic real spankings.  

Always open to suggestions and can be emailed

I Am UK-based but I love to travel so you never know in 2021 could be in your jurisdiction or make a trip especially.

M.D: Thank you, Steven! 

Steven: Your always welcome, Sir. 

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