Saturday, August 1, 2020

Spanking Reflections

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Dean Thomas

The star student and head boy is in trouble again and is about to earn himself 30 smacks with the paddle.
 Starting with 10 strokes on his shorts
 10 on his underwear and finally 10 on his bare bottom.

 Watch his butt cheeks quiver as the paddle lands on his wonder buttocks! 
After the 30 strokes he gets a hand spanking  just to confirm he has learned his lesson.

After he has finished  sir leaves.
 Dean then rubs his bottom knowing he has ben a bad boy.  

And although he feels sorry for himself he pulls up his underwear and trousers and  returns to his class. 

Not sure if he will be sitting down for a while! 

Another great film! I know you all will agree. 
We all know someone who could be brought down off their high horse.

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