Monday, August 31, 2020

Two For The Belt



Two for the belt

Happy Monday! 

I was going through this magnificent site and have seen some of my favorite Videos. The one at hand is 

Reminds me of when I was younger and receiving punishment along with my brother or cousin. Dad usually did not want to punish at one time, but some times he would strip us down and spank our asses together. 

Yes, it was very embarrassing but I guess that was the point. He would say " If you two want to misbehave together you will be spanked together." This surely taught me a valuable lesson. 


If I was going to do anything " against the grain I was surely going to do it by myself. After the embarring and painful spanking. My cousin and I would analyze our sore butts and talk about how things will be different and laugh at each other's cries and moans. Later once my cousin would go home. Dad would call me into the living room with his strap in his hand and give me another spanking but harder and stronger. 

But on this particular day, my aunt sent my cousin back over to get another strapping from Dad, just so happens it was at the same time he was tending to my backside. 



Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Spanking Reflections

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Dean Thomas

The star student and head boy is in trouble again and is about to earn himself 30 smacks with the paddle.
 Starting with 10 strokes on his shorts
 10 on his underwear and finally 10 on his bare bottom.

 Watch his butt cheeks quiver as the paddle lands on his wonder buttocks! 
After the 30 strokes he gets a hand spanking  just to confirm he has learned his lesson.

After he has finished  sir leaves.
 Dean then rubs his bottom knowing he has ben a bad boy.  

And although he feels sorry for himself he pulls up his underwear and trousers and  returns to his class. 

Not sure if he will be sitting down for a while! 

Another great film! I know you all will agree. 
We all know someone who could be brought down off their high horse.

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