Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Troy Cadet Spanking!

Troy's Cadet Spanking! 
Troy lets the side down by being late for drill practice again. 
He is summoned for punishment to receive a good old fashion over the knee spanking. 

After getting soundly spanked with sirs hand he is then given some extra swats with the paddle and the hairbrush! 
 I do believe that this is his second film that Troy has done. I am, however, shocked by how short this one is.
I'm not discrediting the film or the work, because as usual, I think the disciplinarian is and has done great work. 
You have to admit Troy has a very spankable bottom, curved and chiseled to perfection. The brown tone of his skin and even better the redness it brings after or during a good old fashioned ass spanking.
I look forward to seeing him in other films! 
You can hear the moans that he spilled out, but I believe that he was holding back also I believe that John was holding a lot back as well.

For this video and a lot more click here

Happy Spankings!!! 

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