Friday, July 3, 2020

Steve Spanked then A Good Hard, Deep Fucking!!

     Dr Blakes English               Discipline

Steve, the cycling, Bisexual, Married young man with the cute bubble bum who sometimes works close to Dr. Blake, never has more than an hour to spare, and often visits at very short notice.

 Though Dr. Blake prefers to plan in advance when possible to enjoy rather relaxed sessions, he makes exceptions for a few, ... luckily Steve is one of those.

Time was even more limited due to Steve's schedule 30 mins only, so this is a quick spanking.... But.... A Good Hard, Deep Fucking and Steve gets the best pounding of his life so far!

Now Steve is trying to arrange another quick visit as soon as he can..... he wants cock more than ever!

To see what the Dr ordered and prescribed click here.

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