Friday, July 3, 2020

Steve gets It

Dr. Blakes English Discipline

Steve, the cycling, Bisexual, Married young man with the cute bubble bum who sometimes works at an office close to Dr. Blake and never has more than an hour to spare often visits at very short notice. But though Dr. Blake prefers to plan in advance when possible and enjoys rather relaxed sessions, he makes exceptions for a few ... luckily Steve is one of those.

Time was even more limited due to Steve's schedule 35 mins only,
so this is a quick punishment spanking and a little bit of cane.

But remembering that Steve has a particularly low pain threshold, spanking is more than enough to stretch him beyond his pain limits and soon he's gasping,

moaning and beginning to yelp, eventually having to be held down and producing a few tears..!

For more great videos click here

 I had a long conversation with the owner of this production and come to find out that we have a lot in common not just the spanking industry but we also have a lot of mutual friends. I guess you can say that the world is smaller than we actually really think.

 I definitely will be posting a lot of his material here. I know all of you will enjoy!

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