Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Paco Paddled

Ryan calls in Paco, a wry smile on his face says he has been planning this as the lad’s next punishment for a while.
Paco is made to kneel on the weights bench and present his rear for a paddling. 

Wearing jeans that fit tight, means that the thwacks of the paddle hit the home straight away. 
Ryan lays the paddle on well and the look on the lad’s face says it is working well.
Jeans come down and the boxers really hug a shapely butt as he kneels down again for the next set.

A quick reach round to try and comfort himself makes no difference to the paddling Paco is getting. 

The boxers come down and a bare ass paddling really pushes the lad that bit further, Ryan knows how to get the best from a spankee. A great paddling for Paco.

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