Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Jimmy Bunks off

Marco has given Jimmy (Finn Harper) some simple tasks to do however this day simple tasks are not exactly what he had in mind. 
Going down to the river with a cool drink and lazing the day away is a far more attractive proposition.
Well, if he didn't know it before he soon will, Marco is not the kind of guy to easily let idle young lads get their own way!
Finally tracked down Jimmy is ordered back to where he is supposed to be working. 
Now he's going to get a reminder to be more attentive in future and contribute more fully to the day to day chores. 

This boys lazy ass is going to feel the corrective sting of a mans hand.
 When it ends up slapping his well rounded bare bottom hard, he'll know in future, when he's given a job just do it
The cast

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