Sunday, July 19, 2020

House Boys

Good House Boys are so hard to find. When a dom does find the right how boy he must know how to treat him. 
It's more than just spanking and sex. It's more about the bond that you have with each other 'chemistry '
I have come across many daddy/son or Daddy/ House Boy relationships and I love to see it ' Real' 
There are those that take the lifestyle 
" Discipline" as just a kink. But there are those who live it on a daily basis like my boy and I as well as Big Daddy and his boy.
Bad Butt, is one of the best things that happened to me. He is not too much of a naughty boy but he has his moments, which a good over the knee spanking would be the outcome of those days. 
I would not chose another life to have actually, this domestic discipline lifestyle is beautiful when you embrace it and let lose or let yourself control or be controlled but to an understanding of both parties ( if not being punished) 
This post is for all the good and real house boys around the world.

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