Monday, October 5, 2020

Boogie's move to the Estate

           Sunday Morning/ Plas Anwen

Mr. Johnson and his Son Boogie moved into Plas Anwen on Saturday morning. Mr.Johnson was hired by the Comptroller of England to take on the position as The West Wales Judicial Disciplinarian. 

Sunday morning, while the kitchen staff was preparing breakfast, Boogie { Robert} is coming down the main staircase and headed to the family dining room. Boogie is dressed in a pair of grey jogging pants and a white t-shirt and has on his grey slippers, which is not proper attire for breakfast in the family dining hall. 

As Boogie heads to the left and through the sitting area he sees Marjorie who is one of the house girls. Boogie walks up to her and greets her. 

Borda! Marjorie, glad to see you this morning. Are you headed to breakfast in the dining room? 

Marjorie looks at Boogie and says " No sir, Mr. Robert, Staff does not dine with the Master of the House and family. We have our own quarters to dine. You are the son of Master Johnson, am I correct?" 
Boogie nods and says "yes, I am." 

Marjorie stands back and takes a look at him and grins with a sarcastic giggle " You should know that the attire that you have on is not suitable for dining. 

Boogie looks at his clothes and says " Well this will have to due because I am not going to go change, plus I have some friends coming over later and I don't have time to keep changing clothes."

Marjorie shakes her head and walks away saying " You seem to be a person who is very uncouth, you should work on respect and rules of the house. I am sure your father would not approve of such an attitude that you wear"  

Boogie looks away and says " Whatever, my father does not bother with the way that I dress" 

Marjorie goes to the right and Boogie goes up the hall, not having care at all.

Boogie arrives at the privet family dining room where he sees his father, Mr. Johnson talking with one of the chefs. Mr. Johnson looks at his son Boogie as his eyes become very small as he glares at Boogie. 

Mr. Johnson: Yes, Chef Sabastian we will have all of what I have chosen, Thank you

Chef Sebastian nods his head as he looks at Boogie and shakes his head and leaves out the dining room through the swing door headed back to the kitchen. 

Mr. Johnson walks over to Boogie and says " What in the hell do you have on? and Why are those pants hanging off your ass? Pick those pants up or you will get the hiding of your life Boy!" 

Boogie hurries up and pulls them up and looks into his father's eyes, seeing a very stern look on his face.  Boogie says " Sorry, Dad. I did not realize that there was a way we are supposed to dress, back at home it was normal to wear these clothes." 

Mr, Johnson looks at Boogie and says " Boy, you dare to stand there and tell that fib? We talked about this yesterday when you were unpacking your suitcase!" 

Mr. Johnson takes Boogie by the arm and turns him around and whacks him on his boxer covered ass as his pants fall even more. 

Boogie sounds off from the first swat " Ouchie, Ouch! Dad, I just forgot, Ouch! I didn't know"

Unknowingly, the chef and three kitchen helpers witnesses Boogie getting his spanking in the family dining room, Chef Sabastian starts to laugh as he tries to hold it in and turns back in the swing-door back into the kitchen.  

Mr. Johnson yanks down Boogie's pants and underwear and says to him " You want to sag your pants and show off your ass? now you have the opportunity to show off your red ass!" 

Mr. Johnson takes Boogie by the ear and walks him through the hallways and corridors with his pants below his knee.  Boogie and Mr. Johnson gets to his bedroom and orders him to stand in front of the bed as he takes his belt off. 
Mr. Johnson: The behavior you had when we were  the East of Wales, will not continue. If you decide to continue this, you can expect to get a good ass whoppen every day! 
Bend over and place your hands in the bed.

Boogie does as he is told and says to his father " Dad, I understand,, please I have been humiliated enough walking through the halls half baked with my penis, balls and butt revealed. Please don't spank me". 

Mr. Johnson looks rolls up the belt in his hand to make it the right size to cover both of Boogie's ass cheeks. As Boogie takes position, his father says nothing and aims the belt to strike directly across his ass. Mr. Johnson raises the belt and comes down hard and fast delivering seventy-five strikes across his son's ass. 
Boogie tries to stand in position but finds it hard to do. The sting from the belt turning into a burning sensation as his dad whacks away on his red, thick, round boyish ass. Boogies butt bounces with every strike as he sounds off with apologies and humble tears of pain { Daddy, please, I learned my lesson, please, please daddy!} Mr. Johnson stands back to make sure that every inch of his sons is covered completely. 

Mr. Johnson then takes a seat on the bed and pulls Boogie over his knee, giving him a clear view of Boogie's red belted ass. Mr. Johnson deliveries one- hundred twenty swats with is hand on each side of Boogie's already sore ass. Boogie kicks his legs and screams in pain, figuring there is no point to protest the spanking and to just lay there and take it. 

While Boogie cries out and screams for forgiveness, Mr. Johnson stops and looks at his sons completely red, sore, striped ass, and decides that boogie has had enough. He pats Boogies ass and tells him to get up and pull up his pants. 

Boogie turns to look at his father and says's " Daddy, I will try my best to make sure I follow the house rules and regulations. You have not spanked me like that in years, Dad." Mr. Johnson replies " Yes, my Son that's because I did not have to, but it seems the older you get the more defiant and rebellious you become, so, in order to keep you on the right track I must discipline you by all means necessary. 

Boogie turns to grab his daddy's hand and bends down to give him a hug, 

Mr. Johnson embraces his son and holds him tight as Boogie wipes his tears away.

After they finish talking, Mr, Johnson gets up and leaves out the room telling Boogie to get himself together and return to breakfast. 
Boogie then goes to the bathroom that is attached to his bedroom and takes off his clothes and gets a text from one of is friends asking if it was okay if he came over today. Boogie returns the text with a picture. 
" This is not a good time bro, my Pops just whipped my ass good and I don't think this will be the last one for today". 

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