Thursday, July 30, 2020

Behind the Bike Sheds

Caught snogging and missing class, real-life couple Talia Lane and David Weston are punished together. Giggles turn to embarrassment as Ms Pandora Blake takes them over the knee.

Behind Shed

In Talia Lane's first ever spanking scene, she tempts David Weston into some serious trouble. Caught snogging behind the bike sheds by their teacher, Pandora Blake, these two naughty students giggle as they're sternly told off. Undeterred by their inability to take things seriously, Ms Blake marches them inside for punishment.

Not only have they failed to abide by the school's 'six inch' rule, they've also been late for class on numerous occasions. Yet judging by their jokes, David and Talia seem unaware of the serious consequences of their actions.
Disobedience is something Ms Pandora Blake will not tolerate, and she intends to use corporal punishment to show the naughty pair just how to behave. With Talia watching, Ms Blake instructs David to pull down his trousers and pants, humiliating him in front of his young girlfriend, before giving him a long, hard hand spanking over her knee.

When it's Talia's turn, her playful disobedience turns to fear as she realises that Ms Blake is very serious indeed. Bending over Ms Blake's knee and baring her bottom for a school spanking is not something Talia had anticipated.
As she squeals and whimpers, her young boyfriend David offers support, and begs Ms Blake not to use the hairbrush – he can't cope with his girlfriend being punished and humiliated in the same way as he was.
But after the spanking, as they stand with their naked, red bottoms bared,
facing the wall to think about what they've done,
 the naughty pair exchange a grin and a look of love.
This real-life couple have a chemistry that crackles throughout the whole scene – shared jokes and smiles and touches. Given that they can't keep their hands or eyes off each other, Ms Blake can probably expect to see them back in her office pretty soon...  

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