Thursday, July 2, 2020



Kiran is watching TV, well trying to anyway. 
Andel just wanders in and stands in the way as he looks for something, Kiran asks him to move and he dithers and waffles.
Not a good move as Kiran is quick to temper and he grabs the lad and drags him OTK. A good spanking is what’s needed and just what he gets, manners are far less painful than rudeness as he is finding out the hard way.
Once the trousers are down, the grey boxers offer a very inviting target for Kirans ire. A good tug on the ear and a warning add to the lesson that Andel is being taught.
A final spanking on the already red ass finish the pointers in social etiquette and graces that Andel seemed to be lacking.
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