Saturday, July 25, 2020

Lazy Boy Ace

Here is a couple of videos, I refer them as the Ace collection. I had these for a good amount of years, I thought you all would enjoy.
Laziness must be handled quickly without hesitation. Ace learns from his Auntie that laziness is not an option. Even though this was amateur made, I loved every bit of it.

I have not seen anything else made by these two, if they are fly around in cyberspace, please drop a note where can find them.

I know most of know one or maybe two grown men that need a good motivational spanking.

I know with the virus going on a lot of people have become lazy and don't want to do anything or better yet someone who just got out of prison or jail and wants to lay around and expect someone to wait on them hand and foot.

 No, No, that is not the case.

You take them big booty or skinny booty boys and yank their pants down and pull them over your knee
and whoop their ass good and hard and stop until you can see your reflection on their shiny red ass.

No worries if they will accept it, because deep inside they know they need it and more to say they want it, but some men/boys want to be hardcore but they know they are more submissive than what people really think. 

Over the twenty three years as a disciplanarian, I have come across many like this. 

And let me tell you, after talking to them, before  I gave them their first and definitely not  their last, they were more submissive to a real domestic discipline spanking. 

This last video is not from Ace, but I thought it fits the message.

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