Thursday, June 11, 2020

What's new?

I was searching the Internet to see what is new in the spanking industry or who is new.

 Figuring that this industry as I call it the spanking world has grown all over the world but it seems that in the U.K, it never sleeps. 

 I was having a read and the Sun article and came across an article that said.


I became a £400-a-day ‘spanking model’ to pay for my law degree – then dropped out and now earn £30k-a-month as a porn star. 

 This is a story that I've heard many times throughout the years and some of the spanking models last a long while and some don't last pass 3 sets. In all actuality there's nothing wrong with leaving the industry if you had enough of the industry because you must like what you do no matter what you do or should I say no matter what industry that you choose. 

But this article intrigued me.

ELLA Hughes smiles at the camera and peels off her clothes to reveal her red lacy underwear.

The former law student, from Birmingham, is filming a porn movie - something she's been doing for the last four years after dropping out of uni to become a full-time sex worker.

Ella films 'custom' videos at her London home, charging between £100 and £500 for ten minutesCredit: Channel 5

After struggling to make ends meet on a student loan, Ella became a spanking model - paid to be spanked by other performers in online videos - before turning to porn to make a living.

But when her classmates found out about her sideline sex hustle, they bullied her to the point she left her course.

Now the 23-year-old is an award-winning porn star who earns up to £30,000 a month shooting adult movies.

Ella – who features in Channel 5’s Student Sex Workers tonight - is among the estimated one in 20 students who become sex workers to earn extra cash.


" Who's laughing now?"

While Ella is upbeat about her experiences, sex work is not a positive experience for everybody and many girls are forced into filming abusive or violent scenes, or are abused in other ways.

For student sex workers, peer pressure and strict codes of conduct, mean universities can take action against students who bring the institution into disrepute, lead to many not completing their degree.

'I got spanked for eight hours a day for £400'

When Ella accepted her place at Southampton Solent University she planned to become a criminal profiler, working with the police to prevent crime and catch perpetrators.

But the long hours of lectures, five days a week, made it difficult for her to find the part-time work that many students rely on to top up their student loans.

A friend suggested she tried modelling and Ella soon discovered she could earn good money for lingerie shoots and even more for specialist videos on fetish sites - specifically being spanked by other performers.

She tells the Sun Online: “I saw an advert for spanking videos, paying £300 a day.

 Ellis story very fascinating and very interesting it is a very good read and educational on not just the spanking industry but the porn industry as welln And and what they actually go through in the beginning and during. 

Spanking for 400£

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