Thursday, June 4, 2020

Twitter Interview

Earlier this morning I was on twitter and I have seen a couple of people and production studios that I

I wanted to feature in our blog. I have talked to many film production studio owners and some other people who want and trying to, make their  " Strap" in the spanking world.

There was this one young man, that stood out and I really don't believe he even knows how much he stands out.

It is not the fact that he has a very beautiful, well- rounded, spankable bottom or the fact that he is a

defendant sub/bottom who aims to please his spanker/disciplinarian/daddy/sir.

One of the things that stand out about this young man is that he jumps up at the moment to be

disciplined by the only stong and dominant men. He is far from an amateur but yet he is so humble

and lax.

Another thing that caught my eye is that he is proud of who and what he is. There is no dought in his

mind of what he needs and wants. I say that because there are so many doms and subs that are

confused about where they stand and/or ashamed of it.

The person I am referring to is SpankedFTM.  


F.T.M and I spoke through messages through the morning. I asked him what was his role in the spanking world.

F.T.M:" I am a female-to-male transgender boy who often needs to put in his place through strong  and direct correction and punishment."

M.D.: So, do you feel that you need to be shown and introduced to the spanking world?

F.T.M: Yes sir, I deserve to be exposed and embarrassed as well as to have my fat bottom endure punishment on a regular basis. 

While talking more with him, he asked me if I was a member of and then I realized that I have been following him for a very long time and on is where I met him.

F.T.M says that he is in search of someone to punish him on a regular basis, but I had to ask " You don't have a regular daddy? He says no, he usually travels around and sometimes get a tourist to Berlin. He is now at a point where he wants to have a long-term connection with someone, but he wouldn't mind a one-off, every now and then.

 He also is a boy who excepts other punishments as well ex, writing lines, mouth soaping, corner time, forced exercise, stress positions, and above all intensive scoldings. Have I mentioned his fantasy revolves around bullying?

I realize that this young man needs some real discipline in his life. F.T.M needs to be over the knee of a strong dominant male, but not so much B.D.S.M. It seems to me he needs domestic discipline.

As you can see, his well-rounded ass needs lots of attention and deep redness applied to him. The point when you stand him against the window of the hotel room and expose his naked body to the world and turn him around and spank him until and after the tears flow down his face as he pleads for mercy but you know this is what he needs in his life..

So today I introduce SpankFTM to all the members, followers, subscribers of The Art Of Male Spanking!

Let us welcome him in, we will definitely see more of him and his spanking adventures.

You can also catch him on twitter at SpankedFTM

You might be his next uncle... 

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