Monday, June 1, 2020

Spanking Theropy

I have been asked by many people if spanking can or is therapeutic. My answer is yes.

  Spanking can be used as a tool to answer for some things that you have done wrong and you need to clear your mind of them.

 But in the same token of spanking can be used as a motivational tool To complete a  Goal that you have set for yourself and sometimes I realize that we will set a goal for ourselves and we fall off because we think that it becomes too strenuous and too hard to complete. Let's say an adult male or female is going back to school and also has a full-time job, That person becomes very stressed and becomes frigid because of the word that needs to be done.

 If it is not necessarily the point that they did not have the time to do the work it is the fact that they get lazy and do not want to go through with it.

 That is when spanking comes involved When you find the person that you trust And will allow you to come to them, for correction and motivation and you build a domestic spanking relationship with them.
 From my 22 years as a domestic disciplinarian,  I realized that it actually does work and the person feels a lot better about themselves and about the goal that they have set for themselves and it puts them back on the right track.

 This type of theropy only works for a specific type of people. 

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