Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Spanking Straight Boys

Spanking Straight Boys, Has always been my go-to when I was searching for good male/male

spanking content. I was first introduced to S.S.B by a good friend of mine that I hope to write about

later on, on this blog. Hopefully, he is reading this.

Kyle was one of my favorites at that time and still holds a spanking crown in my book. I have

collected all of his videos that he has made and I always wondered what happen to him and why he

ended his spanking model career?

Hopefully, I can ask the owner of S.S.B about that, in due time, and hopefully, he is reading this as well.

I have noticed some new faces and asses on the scene at S.S.B, but before I get there let us take a trip back in time.


John's first spanking was awsome. He was different from the rest that I have seen. You could tell it was an uncomfortable position he was in. I truly thought I would see more of him, but not too much. 

I admit he has a very spankable bottom that just calls out for a good ass whoppen and to match an adorable face and innocent eyes.  You could tell he did not want to be there but needed to be there. 

The way he laid across the spanker's lap with the worried look on his face. The intense moment when the spanker landed the first stroke. If you have not seen this, It is a must-see. Of course, it is apart of my personal collection.

When you get to the section of the video where the spoon and implements make an appearance, the heat gets higher and the pain gets deeper! 

 I don't want to leave, without giving you a glimpse of his interview, I found this interesting how the spanker asked some of the questions he already knew the answer to, maybe he was trying to see if John was going, to tell the truth.

The sessions with John was exciting and different. I commend the spanker on this session, well all of his videos were great. He always pushed his boys and that's a part of the process. 

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