Monday, June 1, 2020

Pay Attention 

John is back with another adventure with Cory and his antics. We have all been in a position where

we got caught-up doing something that takes our mind off of what we are supposed to be doing.

Some say its a part of life, but stepdad does not see it that way.

Cory's Step-Dad has been trying to teach him morals and respect as well as household chores, but the whole time Cory is not paying attention, he is constantly playing on his phone when being told what to do. Cory has no interest in what his stepdad is saying, but that will soon change. 

Cory's stepdad has had enough, so he decides to give him a good spanking to get him to pay attention.

Cory is stood up and bent over the table and given a hand spanking over his jeans, but his stepdad does not feel that it is effective. His Stepdad makes him drop his jeans and bend back over the table as he swats him with his hand repeatedly.

Cory takes the swatts, still giving a sarcastic answer to his stepdad's questions and instructions. At this point, Stepdad is fed up and removes Cory's boxers himself and grabs Cory by the waist and begins giving him a dose of strong swats on his bare bottom sending cory into a real whine and moan.

After finishing up with his naughty stepson he is sent to his bedroom and told to get ready for bed. Without a dought, Cory knows that there is more to come.

Cory goes to his bedroom and leaves the door cracked open and sits on the bed awaiting his stepdad to come in.

His stepdad arrives and makes him remove his pajamas and has a seat on the bed and makes Cory go over his knee for more of a good sounding, hard spanking.

After stepdad gives Cory his just deserves and he allows Cory to pull up his pajamas,  he sits Cory upon his knee and talks to him about his behavior.

Even though Cory is sore and his butt cheeks are a glowing red, he listens to his stepdad, without the phone. Cory's stepdad leaves out the room and closes the door behind him. Cory takes the chance to lay on his stomach and remove his pajamas and rubs down his sore bottom.

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