Tuesday, June 2, 2020

No way out- Ash


I believe that we all in the spanking world has been introduced to Ash, some time ago.   Ashley was introduced to the spanking and discipline world by Jason  Who just happens to be the owner of No Way Out Productions.

 Ashley's First video was called the thief.  Now I admit when I first seen the beginning of it I thought that this was going to be just another spanking video. But I must admit Jason surprise me!

  The way that Jason strapped, spanked and disciplined Ashley,was more real then what I thought.

 For anyone who has not seen this video, let me say that when you do see this video it is more real than any video that you ever seen.

 Ashley took this punishment and I took it well and you can tell that there was no screen script or anything of that nature it was all-natural.

 Things did not end for Ashley after this video Jason gave Ashley an opportunity to spread his paddle.  Ashley went on and became a disciplinarian and I must say he did  fabulous job at it.

 My theory is that in order to be a great spanker for disciplanarian, you must yourself go through a spanking session as a spankee. That's right, to all of those hard, daddy types..you too must feel what you are dishing out. And Ashley went through it and went through it well.
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