Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Marcus- S.S.B

This would be Marcus' first time being spanked as an adult is an adult. Upon the beginning of this video, it was seventeen minutes of conversation and I guess it's always good to know you are spankee and the background he or she has.

 The disciplinarian took his time with Marcus and that is a good thing when you're dealing with someone new to this world. What I really think is that the disciplinarian wanted to know the misbehavior that Marcus had in the past.  In a way of giving reason for punishment, Which in all actuality it is a good thing because it puts marcus is in the mind frame of being spanked for misbehavior.

 When the spanking began it was more mediocre medium type of spanking, giving Marcus the ability to warm up to the situation.

 I have a feeling that the director of this film wanted to keep the viewers and followers in suspense. 

 There is no doubt that Marcus has a very spankable bottom and the looks on this face while the spanking was taking place you can tell he was enjoying it at first then the sting settled into his nicely rounded, brown thick ass. 
 Near the end of the video when Marcus was asked to go back to the table to pick out the next implement that is when the video was starting to get interesting  in which it actually ended a little bit to quick again I think that the director of this video wanted to keep everyone in suspense. 
Nevertheless, it was a good beginning for Marcus.

Follow Marcus and other great models on.

* Update*

I do want anyone to think that I do not honor this production. This production has introduced us all to some great spanking models and I admit that some of his techniques are awesome. I am happy to blog more of his work, especially his latest.
Although, his past work has been the greatest!

I don't want to be the next on over his knee for a bad blog... 

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