Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Corner Time

Corner Time

 Over the years I was always asked   If corner time was an important factor in spanking sessions.

 In all of the sessions that I provide, I always make sure that corner time is a part of it.

 It doesn't matter what type of session it is corner time is something that I call reflection. Reflection time is a time where your sub or your boy thinks about his or her misbehavior or how he or she can please you more.

 I asked some of my subs how they feel about corner time,  Most of the time the answer that I get is, it's time for them to cool their asses off after a long hard spanking. 

 During this time that they are in the corner, this actually gives me the time to have a conversation with them about their misbehavior and how they plan to correct their misbehavior.

This can also be a great tool for communication between your sub.  Just like any relationship communication is the key and if you cannot communicate with your sub, then you don't know what they're need and wants  & neither does the subs..  and then the relationship that you think you have, you  actually don't. The only thing that you have is a spanking hookup, on a regular basis. 


  1. Personally l love to be given corner time about half way through a spanking. It helps the process of gradual increasing intensity, gives me time to adjust and be ready for more, gives the spanker time to admire my red bare bottom ( which I love to have displayed!) and gives him a rest so he is fresh and ready for round 2! It is also a great moment for switching implements and maybe switching spanking positions, and a good time for communication.

  2. You have a good point and I strongly agree with you. As a spanker aka disciplinarian it does give me time to get a different implement and rest my arm a bit.
    Position changing is a good thing as well, keeps things interesting.

    Than you, for commenting!

  3. I agree. I think that the time spent with one's red bottom staring into the room solves two problems: (1) since a boy's heinie doesn't have eyes, it cannot see what everyone else can see providing a necessary element of humiliation and contrition without Daddy having to lift a finger, (2) and it empowers Daddy to take a break and revisit after thinking through everything the Spanking is intended to address. In the moment, you cannot expect to remember everything as a Daddy. My Daddy has taken to texting or emailing himself everything he needs to remember why my rump needs roasting. Sometimes he uses Cornertime to go to his phone and return to the task at hand.


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